About Us

Artgame Ltd began life as a licensing company over 25 years ago with the purpose of marketing the illustration and fine art of Royce B. McClure.

Along with airbrushed posters, the Artgame licensed Royce's artwork for a wide variety of products ranging from t-shirts to jigsaw puzzles to towels. There are an estimated 350 different jigsaw puzzles that have been produced over the years, all featuring Royce's artwork, including the World's Largest Puzzle, (www.worldslargestpuzzle.com), which has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The current focus of Artgame is on 3D art. Creating and marketing works of art that fit into this medium, along with developing and evolving new creation techniques to improve the magic of the medium. 

Royce B. McClure had an early desire in life to be a marine biologist. Royce grew up with parents that were keen divers, as he is today, and he collected tropical fish from age 12 which grew his lifelong fascination with the natural and marine world. He briefly dallied with a career in marketing and advertising before becoming a professional artist at the age of 19. Royce started his artistic career working in oils before moving to airbrushing in 1974. After moving to Los Angeles, where he lived for 13 years, he became a commercial illustrator. 

It was during his time as a commercial illustrator that he started a poster company doing fine art posters. This was the beginnings of Artgame Ltd. Artgame was so named as a reminder that art is just a game and not to be taken too seriously. 

After shifting back to New Zealand with his family, Royce continued to heavily attend licensing shows internationally, which he believes is a great way to keep in touch with your customer base and make new contacts. 

The move into 3D art came approximately 8 years ago with an opportunity to do some 3D cards with NGI, followed by a series of 3D jigsaw puzzles in conjunction with Hobbico. Immediately he recognized the potential of this medium and its ability to give people a little bit of magical art. 

Because as an artist Royce has always created his art to match the product that it was being displayed on, this method has been continued into the 3D products. Artgame now manufactures their own products to keep the quality of the products as high as the art. This control also allows the team to continue to develop new and innovative techniques to fully utilize the effect of 3D. 

Artgame 3D products are currently sold in gift stores, bookshops, stationers, aquariums, museums, zoos etc.. as the theme of the artwork naturally lends itself to being a gift item and especially in stores that are related to all things nature, like zoos. 

"As we manufacture our own products, we have the freedom to create art that we want and like ourselves. Each piece of art is tailor-made for the product that it will be displayed on, which leads to very high quality in not only the artwork but in the product itself. Quality and attention to detail sets our products and artwork apart from the rest. This all comes from having the company run from the artist view point."